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ezMap AVL™

When lives are in jeopardy or when seconds count, the proximity of a unit to an event is crucial. By utilizing ezMap™ AVL, the dispatcher has a much clearer view of where units are at any particular moment in time, allowing the dispatcher to dispatch the unit closest to any particular event.

ezMap AVL is an automatic vehicle location module that gives your dispatchers the ‘big picture’, providing up-to-the-minute resource location information. Immediately know your resources unit location, direction, position, speed, and much more.


Benefits at a glance

  • Reduces emergency response times
  • Improves officer safety
  • Easily keeps track of your resources
  • Increases dispatcher efficiency
  • Ability to “playback” historical unit location information
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ez911’s comprehensive offerings include innovative and integrated services, from initial strategic planning and assessment to successful system implementation and on-going training and support. These assure that your specific goals and needs are met every time.



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