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Intelligent, Next Generation CAD

ezCAD™ is an innovative multi-agency, Next Gen 9-1-1 CAD records system built on Microsoft’s® .NET and SQL Server technology. Designed with intelligence in mind, ezCAD automatically accomplishes many tasks that require additional dispatcher interaction when using other software. By the time the dispatcher accepts the call they know the complete history of the person, the address, and the previous calls from each entity.

And, with our ezCommunicator product, ezCAD can automatically text, page, fax and/or email call information to the right responder, including Next Generation 9-1-1 ‘calls’. ezCAD provides the ability to pre-configure “Case Call Routing” scenarios that automatically perform legacy manual operations based on the situation. For instance, one Case Call scenario will decide which unit to dispatch by matching the ESN and call request. Another may automatically dispatch the coroner, the sheriff, and the Chief of Police, along with EMT’s, as well as emailing an alert to the Captain all due to an incident involving a death at the scene. Numerous features that are add-on’s to many other systems on the market today are standard with ezCAD.

ez911 has worked closely with actual dispatchers to develop this intelligent work-flow for dispatching, streamlining steps and reducing distraction, allowing dispatchers more time and better focus to work their emergency.

ezCAD integrates advanced mapping and GIS technology, as well as automates and integrates management reports and record-keeping functions.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Next Generation CAD built on Microsoft’s .NET and SQL Server Technology
  • GIS-based Map Management Tools
  • Intelligent and easy-to-use
  • Recommends best-scenario response based on geographic zone, call type, incident location and available resources
  • Automated recording of incident history, such as unit status, events, radio log details
  • Call Routing
  • Pre-configured Automatic Call Case Routing Scenarios
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ez911’s comprehensive offerings include innovative and integrated services, from initial strategic planning and assessment to successful system implementation and on-going training and support. These assure that your specific goals and needs are met every time.



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