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ezMap Viewer™

Mobile Access Where & When You Need It

ezMap Viewer™ lets first responders not only see the information they need but allows them to interact with the map via GPS, directing them to where they need to be and equipping them with the vital information that can make a difference.

Go Where You Want to Go

In a vehicle, ezMap Viewer gives first responders the ability to zoom in to a particular point and, in conjunction with a GPS unit, the responder can literally "drive the map" to reach the destination. So even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning, raining, and they're on an unlit rural street, emergency vehicles can find the location with no guesswork. Emergency responders have the data right at their fingertips to respond to an emergency not only with the basic addressing information but also with details of the entire area.

Full Control, no Matter Where You Are

Using ezMap Viewer in a static location can eliminate the need for a cumbersome wall map. With a simple mouse click, an address with all pertinent information can be quickly located. Using the Detail View, in-depth information such as occupant information, location information, photographs, and more are provided that could make a difference in your response. Also easily locate vital information, even if only a small piece of data is known when using the search function.

Get the Options You Need

ezMap Viewer gives users the ability to view "layers," eliminating irrelevant information. Re-center the map as you drive, or zoom all the way out to get the big picture view. ezMap Viewer can even use Latitude and Longitude coordinates to pinpoint even an unmapped location.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Go-anywhere use
  • Integrate seamlessly
  • Full data control
  • Detail views
  • Targeted information
  • See what your dispatchers see
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