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The best decisions in an emergency situation depend on fast, easy access to critical information. ez911’s reliable and innovative software streamlines information management and reduces the complexity of agency-wide communications, allowing you to exchange data efficiently and respond quickly.

Our products modular design enables you to unify operations and manage critical information across all agency divisions, allowing you to meet the diverse needs of public safety professionals. Whether you need a Next Generation Computer Aided Dispatch system or need to build an addressing database, let ez911 show you how, the easy way.

With ez911, in one simple process, you can build your county’s maps, add detail, and append it to the master database. Our products are so easy-to-use, that your training dollars will not be wasted if your map database creator happens to retire. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes to learn.

The power behind ez911 products is that it allows every member of the team to take care of what needs to be done, and access the data needed to do their jobs, instead of being bogged down by information too cumbersome to use.

With all the information you need, available to anyone who needs it, you will find that what once seemed impossible is now wide open with possibilities.

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ez911’s comprehensive offerings include innovative and integrated services, from initial strategic planning and assessment to successful system implementation and on-going training and support. These assure that your specific goals and needs are met every time.



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